С целью поддержания государственных мер по нераспространению коронавирусной инфекции настоятельно рекомендуем Вам осуществлять взаимодействие с ООО «БСПБ Капитал» через дистанционные каналы взаимодействия (личный кабинет, электронная почта, телефоны).

About Us

You control your dream – we control your prosperity
«BSPB Capital» Ltd has its key competence in the provision of a full scope of asset management services. In line with the company’s development strategy, we aimed at providing a wide range of investment products, including:

  • Broad range of mutual funds, involving industry and index funds;

  • Private investment management services based on the active management strategies, inter alia, within western financial markets, futures markets, and with the employment of assets that are weakly correlated with the securities market;
  • Property management, project financing and protection of property rights, including the possibility to implement these projects within the closed mutual funds;
  • Structured financial products and wealth management programs.
  • Once you become a client of «BSPB Capital» Ltd, you can count on an individual approach dedicated to achieving your goals. The main asset of our company is a close-knit team of professionals with significant experience in working with mutual funds and within the area of investment management.